The secret for white (or lighter) veneers.

For many years, dark veneers, particularly those produced using precious natural wood burls displaying swirly figures, have been in the forefront of wood veneer luxury.

A new trend involving truly white veneers has revolutionized and modernized the concept of luxury veneers for VVIP cabins.

The secret in obtaining these exceWaaooo!, wood veneers and marquetries / © DRptional white laminates is to combine three special processes into one sophisticated product available at Skywoods Germany.

Skywoods CEO, Philippe Seidenbinder shares his vision from Skywoods’ new head office in Germany.

First of all, we must search all over Europe and sometimes even around the world for logs with exceptional characteristics within a given species. The wood fibers must be of excellent quality to support the bleaching process. For example, birdseye maple and figured sycamore are amongst the species that provide very interesting patterns and results for designers.

Furthermore, the techniques for bleaching the wood have been perfected to a point never seen before. We are now able to process large batches ranging from 800 to 1600 m2 at one time. In the end, only the best 10 to 20% of this raw veneer will be used on the cabinet panels.

Finally, the availability only at Skywoods of a patented lamination process that excludes the use of fire retardant chemicals and that uses a white glue under the front face of the veneer ensures the protection of the original white aspect of the wood veneer obtained following bleaching.

Expertise does not come easily: the woodshop must use highly skilled workers handling the panels with care and taking multiple precautions while veneering the cabinet surfaces with this delicate white material.  All contaminant sources must be avoided during the  cutting, gluing and varnishing phases to produce a beautiful and immaculate surface.

Nowadays, white veneer cabinets remain very exclusive in the world of VVIP aviation.

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