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Waaooo! represents companies from different parts of the world capable of creating in small quantities wonderful and unique materials of high quality for the VIP market.

Aviation MRO, Shipyards, Designers, Interior Architects in Europe looking for the best products, the finest materials, receive a local support from Waaooo! : Advices, presentation of new samples & technics, design needs translated in factory language to create custom samples, follow-up, etc…

Waaooo! is there to help these two worlds (Production VS Creation) to discover each other, to see the value of their cooperation, to develop their confidence and to carry out projects together. We save time, we help them reach their goal.

When a customer is given the choice between « Grey » and « Grey », he will logically choose the less expensive… With unique products, attention to small details, we help the designers to create and deliver the added value that their customers can desire with something unique and bespoke.

The only appraisal we like to hear is « Waaooo! that design is awesone »

Photo Jet / © DR


Waaooo!, leather and enbossings / © DR

Townsend is the only tannery serving worldwide the designers of VIP and VVIP projects with custom samples and able to produce by itself all these creations with uncompromising quality… More

Waaooo!, wood veneers and marquetries / © DR

Skywoods proposes to the VIP aviation a new generation of laminates for wood venneers: No salts are required to flame treat the veneers laminates to pass FAR 25 regulations… More

Waaooo!, metal plating / © DR

TANURY is an ISO 9000 metal plating company that has heavilly invest to be a prefered supplier for metal plating services to the most demanding industries such as jewelry or special parts for laboratory machines and of course the market of VIP private aircrafts… More

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